What do you need inspected?

Hills Crane Inspection Service, Inc. offers several services to help you achieve a safe and O.S.H.A. compliant business.

Aerial Manlifts
Load Testing to 25 tons
Boom Truck Cranes
Rough Terrain Forklifts
Bridge Cranes
Gantry Cranes
Mobile Truck Cranes
Carry Deck Cranes
Rough Terrain Cranes
Crawler Cranes
Jib Cranes
Scissor Lifts
Derrick Cranes
Lifting Beams
Overhead Cranes

  Remember, the OSHA annual inspection is required by law.  

     The inspection we provide is a complete visual and operational check of the unit- concentrating on structural, mechanical, and compliance issues.  We determine if the unit is in compliance and meets or exceeds all requirements of OSHA and/or ANSI/ASME depending on which is more stringent. 

     All inspection worksheets, certification letters, and deficiency reports will be provided via e-mail.  This will enable you to store, e-mail, and print legible copies of all documentation at your convenience.

     If no deficiencies are found, a certification letter will be issued for the annual inspection.

     If deficiencies are found, a report will be provided.  It is the owners responsibility to correct any and all deficiencies before continued use of the unit.